Ethical Entrepreneurs

Hagemann grade school

Second-grade businesses at Hagemann Elementary promote moral values as a foundation permanently character. the companies are successful for all stakeholders because it engages students and families. the companies are child-centered that promote leadership and college-wide community building. we have a tendency to even take an excursion to go to an area business to more their understanding of the business ideas. This program nurtures and empowers tykes to contemplate entrepreneurship and teaches them to be producers and customers within the marketplace. the scholars pay to the community by donating a district of their profit to a non-profit agency. the youngster is instructed they need a voice within the method} process of what they’re going to manufacture, the name of the business, however, they’re going to pay their profit, and what things they need to buy with their faux cash. the scholars work hand and glove creating the merchandise, and writing and creating an advertisement for the whole student body to look at before the day of the sale throughout this six-week active expertise.

Lesson Objectives

Students can recognize that running a business can enable opportunities to create moral selections, wherever folks will use character information to assist guide selections.
Students can learn that running a made business takes responsibility, cooperation, integrity, and exertions.
Students can recognize that producers and customers rely upon one another for merchandise and services.
Students can recognize that folks have alternative ways to earn cash to procure merchandise and services.
Students can know some raw materials become. products.
Students can recognize that trade will facilitate meet wants.
Students can learn to differentiate between needs and wishes.
Materials required
The actual material list depends on what the scholars vote to provide for his or her business. we have a tendency to raise folks to assist present the materials required to create the product. we have a tendency to conjointly take away a “loan” from a fellow room teacher to assist procure the materials. when we have a tendency to create a profit, we have a tendency to pay back the loan. as an example, one category voted to create bookmarks to sell, thus we would have liked paper, cardstock, stickers, ribbon, hole punch, etc.


An economic unit in social studies is chosen from our social studies textbook. A loan is mentioned and created all students sign the document, and 3 adults that recognize them well should comply with the sign the loan when they raise around to seek out if the category obtaining the loan shows sensible character and if they show integrity to be able to pay the loan back.

Week One and Two- Business background

Opening Discussion: raise students if they keep in mind searching at the second-grade business last year. prompt them regarding the product that was sold-out by second graders last year. Discuss what they’re excited regarding learning throughout this unit. raise them if they assume they may use information that they need learning throughout alternative character lessons to assist guide selections they’re going to ought to create as they run their business. As you start the unit, provide students business journals to put in writing key vocabulary words, business reflections and a lot of as you cowl them throughout this unit.

Once the groundwork is arranged, we start discussions of key terms that may be lined within the unit, folks within the Marketplace, from our Harcourt-Social Studies textbook. Some terms instructed are merchandise and services, jobs, income, producers and customers, loan, scarcity, trade, factory, and for a lot of. we have a tendency to used our textbook and a packet we have a tendency to purchased from the website lecturers Pay lecturers, to reinforce the lesson.

After the scholars study the business topics within the textbook, they have to make your mind up on a product they’d wish to manufacture and sell. Send home a plan sheet for the scholars to brainstorm product ideas reception with their families. Discuss the importance of selecting a product that you just are able to create with everyone’s facilitates and with very little value in order that you’ll create a profit. Remember, you may get to create a minimum of 400-600 of the item that you just opt for, reckoning on the scale of your college. every student gets to supply a minimum of one plan subsequent day at school in order that each student incorporates a voice. Then, have a category vote and therefore the majority wins.

Next, send a note home explaining the business to the oldsters which donations of materials and time are appreciated to assist the category to have a made business. Before creating the merchandise, draw a straightforward image of an individual on the board. Have them the label and make a case for all of the character traits they may assume a made moral bourgeois displays. they’ll copy their ideas into their business journals.

Week 3 and 4 – Develop Product
First, discuss however you may get to take away a loan from a bank (another teacher within the building) in order that you’ll purchase a lot of materials for your product. Then, fill out an application along with your students. make a case for the whole kind with further stress on the references section. make a case for however this directly relates to their character. certify to incorporate lecturers and therefore the principal as references for your category. Our principal created bound to are available in and provides the category a lesson on why it’s vital to indicate integrity and responsibility as a result of the needs to offer an honest reference for the United States of America once the bank calls to see with him. The bank can get to recognize that we have a tendency to are accountable enough to pay back the loan. The principle will facilitate the scholars consider ways in which they demonstrate responsibility in class and reception.

Give every student a timesheet log. this can enable students to apply their maths skills whereas engaged on this project. they’re going to ought to log their begin and finish time once they work. they’re going to get paid in room bucks at the top of every week associate degreed save them in an envelope that they need adorning to be their wallets. they’re going to get to pay the money once the business is over. we have a tendency to are able to discuss however saving cash takes patience as a result of we’ve got to be peaceful whereas we have a tendency to wait to pay it.

Next, analysis on the web or from native resources a way to create your product. find out how to create it so have an apple day. mirror on what they’ll do higher/differently to create it better or quicker, etc. certify that everybody is enclosed within the method. Some categories have students move into being the manager. The manager will walk around and supervise. the opposite students recognize to raise the manager to facilitate or recommendation once required. The manager learns that it takes teamwork, patience, and leadership skills to achieve success. we have a tendency to conjointly welcome any parent volunteers to assist with production.

The students pay time learning from the text and making the product to sell to alternative students within the college, also as folks, grandparents, and alternative community members. we have a tendency to work on this for regarding six weeks.

Week 5 – Advertising
Bring students into the pc workplace to create business cards. Save a templet so that they will simply edit and print them to offer to alternative students and members of the family. Students also can produce a billboard ad exploitation in Microsoft Word. Discuss the importance of advertising and the way they need to be truthful regarding the product that they’re commerce. they’ll droop their advertisements around the college.

Next, the scholars brainstorm ideas for a business industrial. you’ll do an entire category industrial or break them into teams to make many commercials for the product. we have a tendency to discuss however it takes cooperation to develop an excellent industrial. we have a tendency to name however they’ll show sensible character whereas they work on their commercials. The teacher will video record the ultimate industrial (edit if possible) and let the college read the commercials the week of the sale.

Week Six – Sale Week!
The date for the sale ought to be set a minimum of three weeks before in order that you’ll certify to channelize the knowledge to the college and families at any time. the remainder of the college wants reminders to herald 1 / 4 for every category that’s commerce a product. Before the sale, have every student style a business hat (out of construction paper) in order that they need some variety of uniform for the sale.

The school community and families are invited to come back in to buy. every cluster ought to be welcome with a respectful hullo and are thanked for searching by the cluster before they leave. the scholars ought to create modification all day thus it extremely enhances this ability necessary to be told in second grade. Students discuss the importance of client service for a made business. we have a tendency to stop in between customers to mirror and discuss all of the character and ethics lessons that return up naturally whereas running a business. Here are those topics that usually return up for discussion – What {do we have a tendency to|can we have a tendency to|will we have a tendency to} do if some clients haven’t got enough cash to procure the product? What ought to we have a tendency to do if a customer comes back with a broken product? What ought to we have a tendency to do if we notice that we gave somebody deficient change? ought to we be “pushy” whereas selling? What can we do if somebody takes a product while not paying? This discussion is so vital to own made character integration into this unit.

The money that’s attained is counted and therefore the students use their voice to decide a way to pay their profit. create a listing of ideas of however they assume a business with sensible character would do with their profit. you may be astonished at their ideas! Most categories plan to provide quite half their profit to native charities or to assist others in a way. it’s AMAZING!!!!! See this story for associate degree example of what happened with our profit one year. Finally, the scholars will discuss however they’d wish to pay their cash. allow them to have a voice to assist develop a listing of the way they’ll pay their room cash. they’re going to return up with ideas that you just would ne’er imagine. they need to “pay” to eat lunch with the teacher, move their table for the day, an additional minute on a regular maths takes a look at, etc. it’s the most fun! Their voice is extraordinarily vital.

Field trip to an area business – take your students to an area business wherever they’ll see all of the business ethics and concepts in action. we have a tendency to move to Cold Stone workplace and that they do a beautiful job explaining the business terms to second graders. Encourage discussion of things wherever the business had to use character information to assist create moral business selections.
Hands-on experience:
Time card recorded properly
Journal is written and illustrated
A written take a look at

Exit slips are wont to provide a state of affairs wherever there’s some moral quandary and therefore the students ought to verify however they’d handle true as associate degree moral bourgeois.

A survey is distributed home to folks within the finish to United States of American their voice in giving us feedback on if they feel this project is helpful to our students or if there are any changes that we must always do to create the program higher.

Extensions and variations

This unit naturally results in differing kinds of extensions daily. you’ll simply challenge precocious education students also as change for college students World Health Organization are scuffling with ideas. Students will edit the industrial for a challenge. Students with varied talents are able to with success participate in this wealthy unit. we have a tendency to used target-hunting reading books at completely different levels to reinforce the social studies information.